Dear friends,

Our Duo Paradiso is on tour again.

After the last baby break we now venture forth to travel with our music – more often and even further.

We have also extended our repertoire and have prepared a very colorful and manifold program for you.

A special enrichment is Melanies alto flute made by the Dutch flute maker Eva Kingma. With her wonderful sonorous color it enriches our scope of sounds with another spectrum.

The romantic guitar made by the Czech luthier Jan Tuláček belongs to our standard equipment. Since September 2015 Stepan plays on an excellent instrument made by the German luthier Karl-Heinz Römmich. With a brilliant and clear sound it is an equal partner for Melanies flutes (transverse flute by J. Mehnert)

Our new CD ‘Italia, amore mio’ was released in October 2015 and the feedback was great.

We even aroused the interest of the reviewers of www.klassik.com

Here you can find the review:

In the section ‘media’ you can find some samples of the new CD for free.

For 2016 we are planning numerous interesting projects.

Returning from our concert tour in Thailand we will start the rehearsal with the Turnov chamber orchestra TOS.

Thereafter the world premiere of the successful composer Dr. Martin Hybler’s composition, which was dedicated to us, will take place in Czech Republic and Germany.

We are looking forward to record the soundtrack for a new documentary by the ambitious young film-maker Lenka Ovčačková.

So please don’t hesitate and visit our upcoming concerts!

Or invite us to a concert in your chamber music serial, your festival or your church! We are looking forward to your inquiry: stepan.matejkas@gmail.com

We’ll be happy to meet you!
Warmest regards, your
Melanie und Stepan